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June 2, 2014
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Northern Gun AMP 6 Beachcomber by bar1scorpio Northern Gun AMP 6 Beachcomber by bar1scorpio
Another piece for Palladium Books' Northern Gun: Book Two… A land-sea armored transport on four oversized wheels.  Which was part of what made designing it so curious.  Trying the keep the tires looking like they could hold the weight, but also not raise the vehicle up egregiously from the initial description- 

So I put the wheels off the sides, with an articulated suspension able the shift up & down, and even angle while driving.  This allows the vehicle to stay roughly level when performing it's primary role in aquatic crossings no matter how awkward the terrain.  Weaponry stays on the horizontal plane and on target, even coming up a rough shore.  The suspension is this flexible because the wheel supports are actually based on the hip-joints of existing Northern Gun battle robots! 

Additional features include side-door firing slits, and the 'landing' like step means the doors can be opened to face said slits forward.  Additional slits/windows in the rear section, above exterior-access luggage compartments.  Turret mounted energy weapon & smoke mortars, and the rear hosts a missile launcher system.

Depicted is a B&W version of a Blue/White color scheme.  Playing off the whale-inspired bottom.  Of course, direct camouflage color schemes would also be available for this model.

None of that's in the book of course (I think).  This was just my own internal logic on trying to justify an interesting design.
unspacy Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014
love it and love the book too well done
CycKath Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014
Like the idea of the cutway wheel to show the suspension.
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